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The cosmetic coloring Z.one Color Expressions can be classified, depending on the final results in four types of coloring:

Temporary coloring milk_shake
<conditioning temporary colour foam>

Is marked temporary because its hold on hair is short, in fact it is eliminated at first or second shampoo. Only on extremely porous hair it can last few more shampoos.
Offers an excellent possibility to introduce doubting clients to view themselves colored.
– Does not cover gray hair
– Does not have lightening power
– Adds a light reflex
– Is a direct coloring which is not mixable with any oxidating activator
– Apply before styling on clean and towel dried hair
– Do not rinse

Direct coloring. make over direct colour

Is a non oxidizing color, moderately alkaline compare to the physiological pH of hair, in which the color molecules has the capability to find their position within the hair cuticle. On porous hair the color molecules penetrates in the exterior of the cortex. The intensity and hold of the color depends from the resistance or porosity of hair cuticle.
The color molecules are eliminate progressively at each shampoo. The average hold is of 6/8 shampoos. Also the quality of the cleansing and conditioning products used for the maintenance (alkaline and specific properties) determines the color hold.
The individual color maintenance with mix color conditioner is formulated to allow the consumer to revive the “unique” and personalized reflex.

– Covers gray hair up to 20/30%
– Does not have lightening power, ammonia and peroxide free
– Is a direct coloring which is not mixable with any oxidizing activator
– Compatible formula for mixing with permanent colors – allows the hairdresser to personalize, intensify or correct color reflex, increasing shine on hair.
– Has a reconstructing action of the hair shaft
– Has a jelly consistency, for an easy application, optimum output, easy and homogeneous mixing between the color tones.
-Apply on clean and towel dried hair
– On the most intense color shades, after the application, its advisable to delicately shampoo to eliminate the excess of color on the outer cuticle.

Semi_permanent color. milk_shake
<conditioning semi_permanent colour>

Is a coloring conditioning coloring tone on tone with milk proteins and fruit extracts, in which the color molecules have the capacity to penetrate in the outer cortex without having the power to change the pigment of hair.

– Covers gray hair up to 20/30%
– Does not have lightening power, ammonia and peroxide free
– It can darken, uniform a color or change the color shade, without lightening
– To be mixed only with its specific revealer
– Compatible formula with z.one color the new attitude as it follows the same code numbers
– Creamy consistency
– Pleasantly fragranced as fruit, milk and honey
– Apply on dry clean hair.

Permanent Coloring z.one color
the new attitude conditioning permanent colour

A new attitude on coloring hair, an advanced system in permanent coloring
Is an oxidizing permanent color able to transform permanently the natural pigment of hair creating incredible shine and vibrant intense colors.

– guarantee intense, uniform and long lasting results, with rich and brilliant colors
– covers 100% gray hair
– is a cream color formulated with wheat proteins and beeswax
– enriched with olive oil and apricot extracts
– thanks to its ammonium minimum content, and its moderate pH, has a pleasant fragrance and leaves hair healthy, shiny, conditioned and full in color
– Acts in synergy with z.one color H2O2 oxidazing emulsion in four oxidizing powers: 10/20/30/40 volumi.

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