Brand – Pulp Riot

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Pulp Riot, the new innovative hair color company, burst on to the scene with a brand that empowers stylists to think of themselves as artists, while providing them with superior paint to create their masterpieces.

With this brand, you are the artist.

The company, founded by David and Alexis Thurston, owners of Butterfly Loft and Butterfly Circus, also includes trend-setting stylists @hairgod_zito, @xostylistxo, @glamiris, @jaywesleyolson, and @doug_theo as owners.

“The authenticity of our brand can’t be manufactured. We get artists, because we are artists. We understand salon owners, because we are salon owners. And we create color – but unlike other color lines, we use the color in our salons, on our clients, every day.” – David

The product line launched in June 2016  and  within the first year, they announced a national distribution partnership with the premiere distributor SalonCentric. The brand seemed to explode overnight.

“We built a brand before ever releasing a product. And then we created a superior product, with innovative packaging that has a spirit to it, which makes stylists feel good about buying it.” – Alexis

Pulp Riot’s initial offering of 16 semi-permanent creative colors has changed the color landscape, because they’re easier to apply, more vibrant, longer lasting, and they fade more true to tone. With the addition of the NeonElectrics series and the game-changing #blondeAF lightener and developers, now more than ever, the riot is shaking things up for the entire industry.