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simply zen hair care – holistic harmony for healthy hair

Experience an approach to hair care in perfect harmony with the senses and your complete well being with simply zen hair products.

Adopt the ethos of zen philosophy when it comes to your hair care. With simplicity, purity and nature in mind, simply zen approaches hair care in perfect holistic harmony to affect the total well being of an individual.

Discover serenity and well-being starting from the scalp and hair. Natural elements and technology come together in z-oneconcept products to offer vitality and balance through hair treatments that combine the principles of aromatherapy with natural clay, essential oils and botanical extracts.

simply zen hair care products

The simply zen hair care range includes a variety of shampoos, conditioners, potions, lotions, clays and scalp and hair treatments. Each product is designed according to the zen ethos the range promotes. The products have reduced or no added fragrances, colouring and preservatives and favour natural nutrients and aromas derived from tailor-made blends of essential oils, therapeutic clays and natural elements. Be kind to your hair and to yourself with z-oneconcept products.

simply zen product range


simply zen aromatherapy

The philosophy behind simply zen promotes a holistic approach whereby the well-being of the subtle body affects the exterior state of physical health. Aromatherapy essential oils are used in z-oneconcept products to favour well-being and alleviate stress.

Aromatherapy uses aromas to influence the emotional field and the mental states related to it. The conscious use of essential oils evokes effects on a subtle energetic level. Essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, fruits, wood, cortex, resins and fruit skins, and simply zen applies their properties to help alleviate discomfort, stress or tension.

simply zen head massage

simply zen head massage combines massage and energy work to release tension and promote self-healing. Tiredness, malaise, depression, blues and tension are related to energetic blockages, which can be released through head massage. By rebalancing natural energy flow and neutralising negative energies, a head massage re-establishes a positive attuning between body and mind.

simply zen head massage is based on the techniques used in Indian head massage. It causes vasodilation, thereby reducing blood pressure, increasing circulation and favouring the release of toxins. Head massage also releases muscular tension, mental tension and anxiety. People suffering from very low or very high blood pressure, diabetes or who have a history of thrombosis or embolism should make this known.

Oxyzen hair care treatments

Treat yourself to well-deserved self-care that offers the luxury and rejuvenation you would expect from a spa treatment. The oxyzen range goes a step further in offering oxygenation of the scalp for increased circulation and effectivity of simply zen treatments. Treat scalp ailments and restore scalp and hair health with an Oxyzen ritual at your hair salon.

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