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more than just salon furniture

Beauty Star knows that the hair salon is more than just a place where hair is styled. It is a place where relationships are forged between the airdresser, other staff and the customers. It is especially so in hair salons in Malta, where the village hairdresser is culturally where you go to discover all the latest news and gossip in the village. Many people visit the salon weekly and going to the hairdresser is a social event in itself. It will do you well, then, to have an ambience that puts your customers at ease and chairs that they feel comfortable in.

ergonomic design

Meanwhile, the job must get done. As customers seek their dedicated attention and good service, staff must work in an environment that enables focus on the customers’ beauty and well-being. Beauty Star designs its salon furniture to be aesthetically pleasing and in ergonomic harmony with the requirements of both customer and stylist.

affordable style

Beauty Star aims to enable hair stylists to create a well performing salon – both practically and aesthetically speaking – in line with the latest design trends, at a reasonable price. It stands for stylish and value for money furnishing solutions and accessories for salons in line with the latest technology.

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