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no inhibition – dare to be bold and expressive

Choose no inhibition hair colour, hair styling and age renew hair treatment for beautiful hair that spells elegance and sophistication.

Discover the ideal solution for hair regeneration, hydration and radiance with no inhibition hair products, which create a world of contrasts, colours and shapes to perfection. We are proud to present to you the no inhibition range, more great products from concept laboratories, the makers of milk_shake.

no inhibition multi colour

Choose an innovative hair colour which is also kind to your hair.

no inhibition hair styling

Respect the environment and your hair’s natural vitality while seeking perfect hair. no inhibition hair styling products are created using high quality active ingredients and selected organic elements while respecting the environment. They contain guarana, a berry that is well known by the natives of the Amazon as an elixir of life due to its stimulating properties and its extracts refresh and invigorate the hair.

age renew hair treatment

Experience an immediate lifting and filling effect while also protecting and strengthening the hair. Let age renew hair treatment delay the ageing process of hair.

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