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Tondeo hair cutting scissors – professional tools that redefine cutting standards

Rely on tondeo hair cutting scissors for professional tools that redefine hair cutting. Entry-level hairdressers to top stylists use hair scissors by tondeo.

Count on advanced design, technology and craftsmanship of tondeo hair scissors. Almost eighty years of experience goes into creating, producing and distributing professional hair cutting scissors, tools and styling products for the hairdresser. The tondeo lines of scissors and razors offer the right tool for everyone, from the entry-level hairdresser to the top stylist. tondeo is your partner in hairdressing.

A-line: choose quality hair cutting scissors from the very start

Start small and make it big. The A-line offers new hairdressers resilient scissors with an attractive design. From the very beginning you can rely on the security of a major brand as well as all you have learned. Improve your technique with a pair of tondeo scissors.

C-line: for every trend and every hand

Be smart and choose great performance for a great price. The C-line offers elegant and technically sound scissors that are perfect for daily use and which are almost indestructible. Choose affordable tools you can rely on.

E-line: delicate yet sharp

Pick a pair of scissors that opens up infinite possibilities. You can rely on a pair of hair scissors from tondeo’s E-line range to match your advanced technical skill. Make great precision your priority, no matter what cutting technique you use.

S-line: great performance for detail

Join the world’s top hairdressers that opt for top class performance with the S-line range of hair cutting scissors.  Their innovative technology and exclusive design offer you a maximum safety and comfort.

premium-line: for designers and perfectionists

Settle for nothing less than perfect technology and elegant design. Those who give their best deserve the best tools for unique comfort and innovative precision. Select brilliant hair cutting scissors from the premium-line range to show off what you can do.

left-handed tondeo hair cutting scissors

Worry not about being a lefty. Take your pick of left-handed scissors from the C-line and E-line range.

hair scissors sharpening service

Make use of our sharpening service to ensure top performance of your hair cutting scissors by tondeo. We can service most types of scissors in Malta to offer you a faster service time.

Call us on 99472152 for an appointment to see and try our range of scissors.