About cortex ltd

The leading suppliers of hair care products in Malta

Why choose Cortex?

Cortex Ltd is the leading hair products distributor in Malta and Gozo. 

It was set up in 1995 by Robert Micallef and has been expanding its product offering ever since. 

At Cortex Ltd we supply:

Besides taking care of the supplying products aspect of the hairdressing industry we concentrate our efforts on EDUCATION; educating our stylists and clients is key to our company and we invest our time and energy to ensure hairstylists and clients feel confident and enjoy working their magic with our products.

Lastly but most importantly, our focus remains SATISFYING OUR CUSTOMERS AND END USERS using our products and services. Dedicating all the necessary time to our customers is not a task but a pleasure we look forward to daily.

our inside story

Cortex Ltd was established in 1996 by Robert Micallef and Ray Micallef, his cousin and business partner. It was first established with just eleven products, when Robert came across a British company that wished to export hair care products from the UK to Malta.

Business flourished slowly but surely due to the limited number of products supplied, which were nonetheless of very good quality. After searching various product lines for quality, in late 2004, the company adopted a new product line. Since then, the company has expanded its product offering to various reputable and reliable hair care brands.

After ten years of business partnership, Ray and Robert separated ways and Cortex Ltd was bought out by Robert. With the help of the company’s loyal employees, sales increased and the business continued to flourish. Today, Cortex Ltd is Malta’s leading supplier and distributor of the major brands and top products in the hairdressing sector.