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Fonex products – great hair always, at a great price

Look your best, be kind to your hair and keep your money in your pocket. Fonex products care about your hair and about you.

Fonex offers a variety of haircare and styling products. The Fonex range includes gel, styling Fonex wax, mousse, spray, styling cream, shampoo, serum, masks, treatments and much more. 

You are Fonex

Choose a brand that has you at the forefront. The philosophy is simple: 100% customer satisfaction. Fonex invests in understanding customers’ needs and fulfilling them. It places emphasis on obtaining correct consumer insight and market facts so as to meet the needs and expectations of the consumers and professionals.

Research and development

Rest assured of receiving the latest technology. The range of hair care, Fonex wax and other styling products is ever expanding thanks to the innovative approach of the company’s R&D team. They not only find ways to fill the gaps but also work creatively to even exceed expectations.

Experience at your service

Know it’s a brand you can trust. Over 50 years of experience goes into the making of Fonex hair styling and care products. Their brands are popular because they are what you need and they are of established quality.

Better for less

The company is well established and knows how to do its business. You benefit from this because Fonex prices its items so anyone can afford them. In line with the principle of trust, it conducts its work without compromising quality.

Fonex hair styling

The range includes hair care and styling products, including wax, skin care and home treatments. It is an expert in hair care, however, with the following brands supplied worldwide from 100% home production in Turkey:

    • Gummy Professional
    • Gummy Premium
    • Ceylinn Professional
    • Astra Professional
    • Lion Hill Professional
    • Vanelly Professional
  • Arganol

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