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Disguise hair thinning and cover up hair loss

Choose an effective and easy to use hair loss concealer. cover hair fibres is ideal for men and women to disguise hair thinning and cover up hair loss.

Maintain your pride and do not allow hair loss to bring you down. Now you can deal with hair loss quite simply with cover hair fibres, a hair loss concealer that provides the ideal solution.

Hair loss is a problem that affects 70% of men and 40% of women. It is provoked by a slowing down of hair renewal and re-growth, causing an undesired general or acute sparse distribution of hair. Since it is not always possible to counteract hair loss naturally, cover hair fibres provides an easy and affordable solution to hide the evidence.

How do cover hair fibres work?

Cover hair fibres consists of hair fibres which blend in with your hair to give instant volume. It blends in so well that it is ideal for both men and women; just choose the colour which best matches your own hair colour. Apply hairspray when you have finished the application so that it can fix itself on your hair. Wash your hair and it will come off easily.

Watch this video to discover just how well this hair loss concealer works. There is no better solution than cover hair fibres to disguise thinning hair and cover up hair loss.


ideal for men and women

Gone are the days of toupes or having to shave off all your hair to detract attention from a balding head. Gone are the days when you can only wish you had more voluminous hair. cover hair fibres is affordable, easy to apply and available in packs of 28 grams.


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