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Nashi Argan World

An exclusive place dedicated only to you

Nashi Argan is the 100% made in Italy cosmetic brand that listens to your requests and meets your needs with passion and efficiency!

The result is an exclusive collection of Haircare and Skincare products designed to offer a tailor-made experience for women that put simplicity, care and professional results first.

Love of Nature

Nashi Argan works with the utmost respect towards nature to ensure the minimum environmental impact: the zero-impact packaging is designed thanks to recyclable materials and to the whole production process that only uses energy from renewable sources.

All Argan Oil and Linseed Oil in our products are 100% certified organic.

Why Choose


Cortex Ltd is the leading hair products distributor in Malta and Gozo.  

Besides taking care of the supplying products aspect of the hairdressing industry we concentrate our efforts on EDUCATION; educating our stylists and clients is key to our company and we invest our time and energy to ensure hairstylists and clients feel confident and enjoy working their magic with our products.

Lastly but most importantly, our focus remains SATISFYING OUR CUSTOMERS AND END USERS using our products and services. Dedicating all the necessary time to our customers is not a task but a pleasure we look forward to daily.