Age Renew Hair Treatment

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The ingredients in the age renew hair treatment are designed to:

  1. Strengthen and nourish the hair for maximum shine
  2. Maintain the moisture balance of the hair  and scalp
  3. Improve the body of the hair
  4. Protect the hair colour
  5. Decrease the porosity of the hair
  6. Protects from UV rays.


  • Hyaluronic acid which combined with hydrolysed rice proteins has a potent antioxidant and anti-ageing effect. Hyaluronic acid is an alternative to Botox but contrary to Botox is non-toxic. In our case the hyaluronic acid is of plant origin.
  • Melitane: Reverses the ageing process by stimulating melanogenesis, the pigmentation process, increasing the percentage of moderated and highly pigmented cells in the hair bulb. The result is that hair is visibly rejuvenated and vibrant and hair colour is improved and maintained longer. Also has an anti-aging action on the scalp while helps to mask and delay the appearance of grey hair.
  • Organic Rooibos or “red bush” is a native plant of South Africa, very popular to drink as a tea due to its high quantity of vitamins and detox effect, helps give hair lustre and to enhance natural or cosmetic hair colour.

Supporting the professional products we also have available a home use Luxury shampoo and a Revitalizing Mask both of which are paraben and sulphate free. There is also a Daily defence cream which is a leave in for all hair types.

This luxurious formula helps to protect the hair, preventing split ends and controlling frizz for a long-lasting healthy and radiant result.

Cortex ltd offers frequent educational seminars on the premises in order to support you. Alternatively, we can give you a demo at your salon.

*Sample packs are available as always.

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