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The technical consultation or diagnose of the hair is a fundamental phase to reach success in coloring.   Through a proper diagnose the hairdresser is able to gather all the necessary information to perform a perfect service. Beside the importance of the natural hair pigments, the process of coloring is influenced by the physical characteristic of the hair.

The technical consultation consists in the evaluation of ”the six fundamental key points”

1). Determine the natural color base. It is necessary to determine the natural base color and the eventual difference on length and ends (previous chemical services, lightening, perms, straighteners, or color shading due to sun enlightening), to allow the selection of color shade and the H2O2 emulsion most suitable to reach the desired goal. Check the natural color in various areas of the head.  If the level changes so to have a shift between two levels, and if the color chosen is in lifting, consider the darker level as the base color level

2). Determine the percentage of gray hair, diffused and in front area of the head.

3). Determine the nature of hair, it exists infact more or less coarse hair which react differently. Coarse hair is difficult to color, in the contrary fine hair is easy to color. Gray hair is strong in nature, therefore resistant in absorbing the color.

4). Determine the level of the desired color. There are four principle results, reachable with color the new attitude:  . a) lighten the natural color of hair   . b) darken the natural color of hair   . c) uniform the natural color of the hair . d) change the color tone of the hair

5). Determine the color tone of the desired color

6). Determine the oxidizing power suitable to reach the desired result.


The determining factors to keep in consideration are:

  • Structure
  • Strength
  • Porosity

Structure: represents the diameter of the hair shaft which could be: fine, medium or corse.

Strength: represents the easiness with which various substances can penetrate the hair

Porosity: is the absorbing  capacity of hair

These three factors are determined through sight and touch.

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