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You *can* repair split ends … here’s how!

We feel you. We know the desperation that comes from dealing with pesky split ends! While cutting seems to be the only solution, you may have discovered that they may keep coming back. So what do you do to repair split and end the drama once and for all?

What causes split ends?

First of all, it is useful to know what causes split ends so that you can take prevention action. Split ends happen when the hair becomes dry and brittle and, therefore, prone to breaking and splitting. There are five main contributing causes of split ends:

1. Environmental factors

Both a hot sun and a humid environment cause hair to become frizzy, unmanageable and prone to split-ends.

2. Unhealthy hair maintenance

Heat styling methods, such as flat-ironing and blow-drying, can also cause the hair to dry and split.

3. Harsh chemicals

Sulphates and parabens present in some hair products can be too harsh on the hair. Chlorine from swimming pools is also a culprit.

4. Diet

A balanced diet is crucial to healthy, glossy hair. Some foods, such as avocado, almonds and salmon, are particularly rich in the nutrients your hair needs.

5. Health

In fact, the hair is one of the first to show signs of vitamin deficiencies or hormone imbalances.

How to repair split ends

Knowing this, you could re-invent your diet, hair care routine and attempt to live in a protective bubble, but could you totally avoid all negative factors completely? You may even have tried some of the “band-aids” on the market, but have they been really effective at fixing the issue? If only a product that works to simultaneously repair, protect and prevent hair damage actually exists! Well, the good news is that it does!

Video: milk_shake Incredible Oil is effectively a split end mender that can be used in the salon and at home. All you need to do to repair split ends is spray the oil on sections of damp hair from mid-length to the ends and then blow dry. Incredible Oil contains high-tech polymers that react with the heat, sealing the cuticle and closing split ends.

What’s in milk_shake Incredible Oil?

What makes milk_shake Incredible oil so effective is that it contains a blend of carefully selected ingredients. These offer a triple action of repair, protection and damage prevention:

  • High-tech polymers protect hair fibres, seal split ends and helps prevent further damage.
  • Murumuru butter restores strength and lustre to dry hair while forming a protective layer around the hair cuticle.
  • Shea butter soothes damaged hair while its shine helps make styling effortless, thus avoiding further breakage.
  • Argan oil softens, detangles and conditions hair while tackling dryness, frizz, brittleness and breaking.

Why you’ll love milk_shake Incredible Oil

milk_shake Incredible Oil is a multi-action restorative, protective and style-enhancing product that leaves your hair smooth and conditioned with a weightless shine. It helps:

  • Repair split ends.
  • Seal the hair cuticle.
  • Soften and smoothen strands.
  • Increase manageability.
  • Assist detangling.
  • Protect the strand from damage.
  • Prevent breakage.
  • Protect from heat styling.
  • Strengthen the hair fibre.
  • Combat frizz.
  • Increase shine.

Healthier and more beautiful hair is just a few sprays away! milk_shake Incredible Oil is suitable for all hair types.

milk_shake Incredible Oil is supplied in Malta by Cortex Ltd.

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