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hair care – great hair is a choice

Keep your hair looking and feeling its best with a simple but effective hair care routine. Find solutions to your most common problems dealing with difficult hair. Great hair is a choice.

Some basic hair care keeps those strands as shiny, silky, smooth and manageable as your hair type will allow. Some hair is naturally thick and coarse and prone to frizz or split ends. Thin hair may be delicate and prone to breakage. Tangling may also be a problem and then there is hair thinning and whitening to deal with too. That is all the more reason to give your hair a little love.

9 hair care tips to keep your hair healthy and beautiful

Here are some tips to a hair care routine that will maintain healthy hair as well as some solutions to common problems:

1. eat well

Include iron-rich foods such as leafy vegetables, seeds, beans, lentils and cereals in your diet. Protein is also important for hair strength and this can be found in cheese, milk, soy, lentils, peas, quinoa and yogurt. When your diet is deficient in nutrients, your hair is the first to suffer as it can do away with them for its survival. Eating well is an essential part of hair care and maintenance.

2. nourish your hair naturally

Feed your hair with products that are consciously produced using the goodness of nature. Read the ingredients on the back of your shampoo and conditioner and you may be shocked to discover the number of chemical contained therein. There are several good products on the market that eliminate unnecessary chemicals in favour of nourishing natural ingredients, such as milk shake and simply zen hair care products.

3. keep a simply and careful grooming routine

Regular washing, conditioning and trimming is essential to healthy hair. Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose hair care products carefully. Select a shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and, if you find products that work well for your hair, stick to them.
  • Wash your hair only as often as is required or you may be stripping it from the natural oils required to keep it healthy.
  • Apply conditioner only to the ends to avoid creating a greasy scalp.
  • Rinse the conditioner off with cold water to close pores, smoothen the cuticle, strengthen your hair and give it shine.
  • Comb wet hair with extreme care because it is more fragile when wet and prone to breakage. Use a suitable wide toothed comb or detangling brush and  work your way from the tips to the roots.
  • Choose gentle hair styling products that give you the hold you need while caring for your hair. It is worth the effort to investigate various brands to avoid chemical damage; we recommend urban tribe.
  • Trim your hair every few weeks to get rid of split ends and keep your hair style looking fabulous. Ideally cut around 0.5cm of hair every 6 to 8 weeks.

4. find a solution to tangling

Detangle your hair regularly to avoid tight knots that force you to break your hair. Many hair types are prone to tangling, particularly very fine hair and curly hair. Use tangle teezer detangling hairbrush to reduce your detangling time to just a few minutes, then you will be inclined to do it more regularly and keep your hair looking and feeling great.

5. care for dry and damaged hair

Boost the health of your hair with a hair treatment. There are several types of treatments available and your hairdresser should be able to recommend one or you can choose the one you prefer from this website and request it at your salon. You can give your hair a boost of silky shine while also straightening your hair with keratin treatment.

6. get things straight

Have the straight hair you always wanted without spending hours of fuss to achieve it. Use the dafni hair straightening ceramic brush to straighten your hair in the time it takes to brush your hair.

7. keep your hair up

Kick the frustration of hair ties that simply slip down straight hair or hold on too tight leaving kinks and even causing hair breakage. The invisibobble is a revolutionary spiral hair ring that comes in two sizes for styling where the only limit is your imagination.

8. beat hair loss

Comb your hair with your fingers, if you can, to avoid pulling your hair, stressing it or breaking it with a brush. We lose about 100 hairs a day so if you notice strands of hair falling out do not panic. If it comes off in clumps or you can visibly see your scalp, check with a doctor as there are several possible reasons for hair loss, such as hormone changes through aging or it may be hereditary. For aesthetic relief, use cover hair fibres hair loss concealer to make your hair look thicker.

9. cover white hair

Cover white hair with hair colour that is gentle on the hair and nourishes it, such as no inhibition or milk shake hair colour. Request hair colour that cares for your hair at your hair salon.  If your hair is very dry or damaged, then it’s best to avoid hair colour until it is in better condition.

Brought to you by Cortex Ltd, because hair care matters and great hair is a choice.


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