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Category: tone on tone coloring conditioning creme

Fundamental characteristics:  ammonia free, with milk proteins, fruit extracts and honey

Advantages: conditioned, soft and fabulous colored hair
Good coverage of gray hair, maximum function versatility , easy use and sure results

Line composition:
>> 31 color shades

>> divided in 5  shade series which respects the international glossary of colors to facilitate the use and eventual coupling of other colorings

>> Natural series: milky white in color from the tube, when mixed with other series it catches the color of the shade and has a sweet milk fragrance.

Color shades:

1 Black
3 Dark brown
4 Brown
5 Light brown
6 Dark blond
7 Medium Blond
8 Light blond
9 Very light blond

NB. predominant pigments are cold from level 1 to level 4 are slightly warm from level 5 to level 9.


>> Exotic series:

Milky white in color from the tube and has a honey and tropical fruit fragrance.

6,e   Exotic dark blond
7,e  Exotic blond
8,e  Exotic light blond


>> Gold series:

Gold in color from the tube and has a honey fragrance.

Color shades:

5,3  Light golden brown
6,3   Dark golden blond
7,33  Medium warm golden blond
8,33  Light warm golden blond
9,33  Very light warm golden blond

>> Copper Series:

Orange in color from the tube and has a tropical fruit fragrance

Color shades:

4,4   Medium copper brown
5,4    Light copper brown
6,43  Dark copper golden blond
7,43  Medium copper golden blond
8,43  Light copper golden blond
8,44  Light intense copper blond
8,35  Light mahogany golden blond

>> Red Series:

Strawberry red in color from the tube and has a strawberry fragrance

Color shades:

5,6    Light red brown
6,6    Dark red blond
6,66  Dark intense red blond
7,64  Medium red copper blond
8,66  Light intense red blonde

>> Violet Series:

Bilberry in color from the tube and has a wild berry fragrance

Color shades:

4,7    Medium violet brown
4,76  Medium violet red brown
5,7    Light violet brown
5,77  Light intense violet brown
7,76  Medium violet red blond

>> Special color shades:


All the 37 color shades are mixable between one another

milk_shake < conditioning semi_permanent colour > should only be mixed with its specific revealer milk_shake < activating emulsion >

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