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Find your styling army in a selection of cleverly designed hair tools that simplify that hair styling job with great results. From detangling, straightening and cutting to hair tattoos, hair extensions and upstyles, Cortex Ltd supplies some of the best names in the market today. Choose brands that thrive on innovation and a creative approach to the most common hair styling challenges that stylists and consumers have been facing until now. Choose brands that offers you freedom of expression while caring for your hair. Find the hair tool that fulfills your personal needs and those of your hair salon.

BROWSE hair tools brands distributed in Malta by Cortex Ltd

tangle teezer detangling brush

Groom and keep locks tangle free with the original tangle teezer detangling hairbrush. Easy 3 step detangle – blowstyle – finishing system. Detangle hair without effort. Make your task easier while caring for hair condition. Say goodbye to tugging and possibly ripping hair. Hairdressers love the original tangle teezer detangling hairbrush and it is widely used in professional hair salons because it is truly a smooth operator. It can be put to work immmediately when hair is lathered and rinsed as it glides easily through wet, vulnerable and damaged hair without any tugging or causing further damage. Hair peace at last!

invisibobble ®

Flaunt fabulous, well-held upstyles without headaches, kinks, knots or split ends. Enjoy the all-round benefits of invisibobble ® for all hair types. That simple. invisibobble ® is a revolutionary hair ring that puts an end to all the problems that may come from tying up your hair. Its unique and revolutionary design means it can be worn by anybody, with any hair type, in any situation. From a simple ponytail to complex upstyles, the flexible spiral rings offer the flexibility you need to allow your imagination to unleash. It is strong enough to be relied on but gentle enough to be kind to your hair and scalp. This is because its unique design is not only sleek but clever, almost imperceptible to the eye and to your sensation.

cinderella hair extensions

Enjoy instant style transformation. cinderella hair extensions offer the freedom to choose hairstyle, colour, volume and length with a simple application. Add volume and length to hair. Add chemical free colour or highlights to any hairstyle. With cinderella hair extensions, women can have the styles they want without delay, while salons and stylists can have easy access to the knowledge and tools required to create them.

dafni hair straightening brush

Straighten hair in minutes with the innovative dafni hair straightening brush. Advanced technology, no fuss, time saving, safe and easy to use, simply brush your hair to straighten and smooth it within minutes. The dafni ceramic brush is the original, innovative hair straightening brush. It incorporates the most advanced hair care technologies, ensuring easy, quick and safe results with its unique design. Let using clips and dividing hair into sections be a thing of the past.

tondeo hair scissors

Rely on tondeo hair scissors for professional tools that redefine hair cutting. Entry-level hairdressers to top stylists use tondeo hair scissors because they can count on their advanced design, technology and craftsmanship. Almost eighty years of experience goes into creating, producing and distributing professional hair scissors, tools and styling products for the hairdresser. The tondeo lines of scissors and razors offer the right tool for everyone; it is your partner in hairdressing.

wenzy wave razor

Unleash your creativity and explore possibilities with precision with wenzy wave razor, the perfect lightweight tool for stunning hair tattoos and perfect beards. The wenzy wave razor has revolutionised hair tattooing and hair and beard shaving and styling with its unique and innovative ergonomic design. A blade designed to fit comfortably in the hand, lightweight enough for prolonged jobs without fatigue and steel for hygiene and safety are what make it a must-have tool for every professional stylist and barber.

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