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Unleash your creativity knowing you can rely on the best styling tools available. Choose a brand of hair treatment that cares about more than styling your hair. Different brands offer different benefits to your hair aside from their basic function. Some products care about using natural ingredients, thereby eliminating various unnecessary chemicals. Others include patented ingredients or design to offer cutting edge style easily and in no time at all. Choose brands that offers you freedom of expression while caring for your hair. Find the hair styling products and hair tool that fulfill your personal needs and those of your hair salon.

BROWSE hair styling brands distributed in Malta by Cortex Ltd

milk shake hair styling

Find your complete solution to hair care in milk shake’s vast range of quality products that contain milk and fruit to enhance the natural beauty of hair. Feel confident all day long with the perfect hair styling solution. Explore hair colour that is just what you need. Our luxury hair care products meet the many demands of hair styling so that you can flaunt an irresistible, perfect hairstyle day and night.

no inhibition hair styling

Choose no inhibition hair colour and hair styling products for beautiful hair that spells elegance and sophistication. Respect the environment and your hair’s natural vitality while seeking perfect hair. no inhibition hair styling products are created using high quality active ingredients and selected organic elements while respecting the environment. They contain guarana, a berry that is well known by the natives of the Amazon as an elixir of life due to its stimulating properties and its extracts refresh and invigorate the hair.

urban tribe hair styling

Chase the evolution, open your mind, express your own style in total freedom. Choose your tribe and put no limit to your creativity. urban tribe offers no less than twelve different working tools when it comes to styling, giving limitless space to creativity. All products can be combined with each other and with styling and finishing products for ultimate creative freedom. The urban tribe styling range also includes four unique formulations of hair shiners to  offer the ability to create any and every style while protecting and giving shine.

id hair styling

Choose high performance styling products by id hair for a reliable hold that allows you to create the style you want. Explore innovative hair colour systems for ultimate self expression. The styling range includes five wax products, of which extreme titanium is the top selling wax in Scandinavia. You can also choose among soft silver, hard gold, dusty bronze and beach gum with hold factors from 2 to 6.

depot hair styling 300 range

Choose a contemporary but simple approach to men’s grooming. depot offers modern hair, face and beard products based on traditional formulas. Style your hair with your preferred styling product from the depot 300 range. Take your pick from matt paste, clay pomade, modelling wax and strong hold gel.

fonex hair styling products

Look your best, be kind to your hair and keep your money in your pocket. Fonex hair products care about your hair and about you. The range of products produced by fonex includes hair care and hair styling products and also skin care and home products. It is an expert in hair care with worldwide popular brands supplied from 100% home production in Turkey.

cover hair fibres hair loss concealer

Choose an effective and easy to use hair loss concealer. cover hair fibres is ideal for men and women to disguise hair thinning and cover up hair loss. Maintain your pride and do not allow hair loss to bring you down. Now you can deal with hair loss quite simply with cover hair fibres, a hair loss concealer that provides the ideal solution.

hair styling tools

Find your styling army in a selection of cleverly designed hair tools that simplify that hair styling job with great results. From detangling, straightening and cutting to hair tattoos, hair extensions and upstyles, Cortex Ltd supplies some of the best names in the market today. Choose brands that thrive on innovation and a creative approach to solving the most common hair styling challenges stylists and consumers have been facing until now. Choose brands that offers you freedom of expression while caring for your hair. Find the hair tool that fulfills your personal needs and those of your hair salon.

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