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Choose a brand of hair shampoo and conditioner that cares about more than getting hair clean and soft. Different brands offer different benefits to your hair aside from their basic function. Some products care about using natural ingredients, thereby eliminating various unnecessary chemicals. Others are specifically designed to encourage creativity and styling, while others still are concerned with intensive deep treatment for the condition and beauty of your hair. Find the hair shampoo and conditioner that fulfill your personal needs and those of your hair salon.

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milk shake hair shampoo and conditioner

Find your complete solution to hair care in milk shake’s vast range of quality products that contain milk and fruit to enhance the natural beauty of hair. Find an aromatic hair shampoo that is naturally good for your hair. The hair shampoo range is designed to gently cleanse, condition and treat fine, dry and damaged, curly, oily or colour-treated hair, using natural fruit extracts, milk proteins and carefully selected powerful ingredients. Discover the detangling power, condition and shine contained in a milk shake conditioner. There is a perfect solution with a wonderful aroma available for coloured, fine, dry and damaged or frizzy hair.

simply zen hair shampoo and conditioner

Experience an approach to hair care in perfect harmony with the senses and your complete well being with simply zen. The simply zen hair care range includes a variety of hair shampoos, conditioners, potions, lotions, clays and scalp and hair treatments. Each product is designed according to the zen ethos the range promotes, with reduced or no added fragrances, colourants and preservatives in favour of natural nutrients and aromas derived from tailor made blends of essential oils, therapeutic clays and natural elements. Be kind to your hair with products that are balancing, calming, normalising, stimulating, restructuring, densifying or anti-dandruff as you may require.

urban tribe hair shampoo and conditioner

Use a hair shampoo and conditioner that support creative hair styling. urban tribe hair shampoos are formulated with smooth effect, volume, texture, flexibility, resistance and elasticity in mind. The shampoos are specially formulated using hydrolyzed wheat, rice and soy proteins; silk amino acids; botanical extracts; vitamins; and specific patented active ingredients to produce synergic action with parallel conditioners. The conditioners are made with enriched formulas with proteins, vitamins and botanical extracts to condition, hydrate and protect hair. They integrate high-tech resins that perform with perfect results, no heaviness and no residues; film agents to protect hair from heat styling; sun filters to protect hair from UVA and UVB rays; and a combination with shiners to increase versatility.

id hair elements hair shampoo and conditioner

Repair, reconstruct and see visibly more healthy and beautiful hair with elements hair shampoo and conditioner, born of natural Scandinavian cotton that cleanses and hydrates naturally. id hair elements is the result of sixty years of professional hairdressing experience, the latest technology and clean Scandinavian design.

alfaparf lisse design keratin therapy hair shampoo and conditioner

Gain perfectly smooth, deep conditioned hair that is easily manageable for three whole months with a single alfaparf lisse design keratin therapy keratin treatment at your hair salon. Maintain silky smooth straight hair with a range of hair maintenance products for home use, all sulphate-free. The alfaparf lisse design range includes a deep cleansing shampoo, smoothing fluid, rehydrating mask, detangling cream, the lisse design express method for mousse, maintenance shampoo, maintenance conditioner, keratin refill with keratin and collagen recharge and silk effect oil elixir.

depot 100 and 200 range

Find a hair shampoo for men that fulfills your requirements. Choose from normalizing hair shampoo, anti dandruff and sebum control shampoo, and hydrating shampoo. Choose between refreshing conditioner and complete leave in conditioner to best suit your hair and lifestyle.

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