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Cortex prides itself in being the leading supplier and distributor of hair products to hair salons in Malta and Gozo. Our Vision is to excel at being the market leader in the supply, distribution and marketing of hair care products, including hair-salon furniture in the hairdressing sector. We are proud to call the majority of hairdressers in Malta our partners as stockists of our products and service providers of the various professional hair therapies we supply.

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Hairdressing is popular in Malta and the number of salons and hairdressers is consistently on the rise. Yet from the small hole-in-the-wall village hairdresser and barber to internationally renowned names, hair salons are always fully booked. This is partly due to the Maltese inborn desire to always look their best and partly due to the social aspect that is an integral part of Maltese culture: the village hairdresser is where you go to discover all the latest news and gossip in the village – who just gave birth, who passed away, who is getting married and who just got a promotion – you’ll learn it all here.

Many Maltese women have their hair done ever week while others maintain an appointment for hair dye, cut and dry every six weeks. More and more people are becoming more audacious with their styles, which require constant maintenance and hair treatment to keep the hair in good condition. Meanwhile, a flourishing film industry ensures that hairdressing skills are in constant demand, in some way or another.

No wonder that hairdressers in Malta are always booked up and more people are learning the skill and art of hairdressing without any concern of remaining out of business. Some of the best hairdressers on the island have even made an international reputation at fairs and fashion shows abroad.

We are proud of the hairdressing industry in Malta and of being part of it by supplying the best products on the market. Owners of hair salons in Malta who are not yet our partners are invited to contact us to discuss a collaboration.