Xtreme 5.0


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Ideal for beginners

The combination of high quality and affordable price makes the Olivia Garden shears ideal for the beginners.

Ultra-sharp, rugged and sturdy blades

Sharp blades are the essential feature for haircuts. For a clean and neat cut, this is an absolute must. The Olivia Garden shears fulfill this requirement. Thanks to the hardness of the used steel and the sharp cutting edges, these shears are made for all salons.

Powerful Convexed Blades for Effortless and Precision Cutting

During the sharpening process, a grinding angle is given to the convex shear blades to make them ultra-sharp. Thanks to this process, the shears become an extreme-precision tool for effortless cutting.

Ergonomic Handle Design

A well-balanced shear that allows comfortable handling is a top priority, as the hairdressers use this tool for hours every day. A shear which does not fit perfectly in your hand can easily cause chronic pain such as tendonitis. To avoid this, Olivia Garden laid special emphasis on the ergonomic handle of all shears.