Simply Zen Densifying Kit for hair loss


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Now you can purchase our top selling products against hair loss in just one pack.

Synergic treatment with Indian kino tree extract to counteract hair loss.

Multiple action. Gives more density, slows down hair loss, stimulates regrowth, anti glycation (anti age) and antioxidant and protective.


Densifying Shampoo

A delicate cleansing formula that cleanses hair gently and works in synergy with other specific treatments, indian kino tree, plant extracts and essential oilscounteract excessive hair loss and revitalise the scalp and hair.

Concentrated preventive lotion for hair loss

Concentrated preventive lotion for hair loss with concentrated active ingredients. The lotion counteracts excessive hair loss and stimulates micro circulation of the scalp hence stimulating growth and protecting the follicle.

USE: distribute evenly over clean scalp and massage gently using fingertips. do not rinse


Densifying lotion

Preventive lotion for hair loss

Created to prevent and counteract hair loss. With its scynergic active complex it stimulates micro circulation of the scalp and stimulates growth. It slows down hair loss and increases hair density. It has an antioxidant and protective effect.


Distribute evenly over clean scalp, massage gently using the finger tips. Do not rinse.


Each kit contains

1  Densifying Shampoo 250ml

4 Vials Densifying concentrated lotion

16 vials Densifying lotion