Redone Violet Aqua Gel Wax Full Force 150ml


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Violet Aqua Gel Wax Full Force 150ml

  • Firm & Voluminous – Allows you to make your hair messy and voluminous. It’s water-based and transparent designed to provide pliable texture and strong hold that will last throughout the day. Ideal for adding a touch of creativity to your style. Perfect for edge control.
  • Thanks to the formulation – which provides moisturization -; it helps the hair to regain the moisture it needs and the water it has lost. It does not leave any residue. It does not make your hair greasy or hard.
  • Thanks to its formula enriched with vitamins, it nourishes the hair. It provides a long-lasting and extra-shiny look for hair. It is perfect for dynamic hairstyle.
  • The unique harmony of Blackcurrant, Galbanum, Bergamot and Watermelon will make you feel like you are in the ocean.
  • QUALITY – We use quality materials in the hair products we produce.