Redone Orange Aqua Gel Wax Full Force 150ml


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Orange aqua Gel Wax Full Force 150ml

  • EDGE CONTROL lets you control, style or keep your fine baby hair out of sight.
  • Tropical Fruits – It reflects your style in the most striking way thanks to its unique fruit flavors.
  • Nourishes – Thanks to its formula enriched with vitamins, it nourishes the hair. It provides a long-lasting and extra-shiny look for hair. It is perfect for dynamic hairstyle. It does not make your hair greasy or hard. It can be easily removed by scanning.
  • Thanks to the formulation – which provides moisturization -; it helps the hair to regain the moisture it needs and the water it has lost. It does not leave any residue. It is water soluble, so you only need to wash hair and hands with water.
  • Redone uses high quality ingredients in its hair products, free of silicones or parabens.