Milk_shake Sun Set with Incredible Milk X3+ gift 2024


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Keep your locks luscious all summer long with milk_shake’s dedicated SUN & MORE range to protect and nourish hair during the sunshine season and beyond

This pack contains 3 products

All Over Shampoo 300ml

A deeply nourishing and moisturising shampoo to gently cleanse.  It hydrates and moisturises the hair giving it daily care.

Beauty Mask 200ml

A deeply nourishing and moisturising hair mask to fight damage caused by the sea, wind, salt and chlorine. It hydrates and conditions the hair giving it all the care it needs after a day at the beach or pool.


 Incredible milk 140ml

spray mask with 12 cosmetic benefits in a ‘sun edition’, with UV filters, to give all the necessary elements to protect hair during the summer. No-rinse formula

A free gift is given with these 3 products

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