Hair and body absolute cleansing shampoo 250

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Alfaparf Hair and body pure and care spray 100ml

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A new 100%  vegan range dedicated to deeply cleansing the hair, hands and body. The formulations, specifically studied by alfaparf have a purifying action to eliminate impurities and harmful agents, revitalizing skin and hair anywhere. The range is enriched with Aloe vera of natural origina and sustainability which protects and hydrates.


The new deep cleansing range – developed by Alfaparf Group laboratories – is dedicated to caring for hair, hands, and body.
Its formulation performs a purifying action while restoring the balance of skin and hair.
Also thanks to the chosen relaxing fragrance, it restores peace and calm.

Sulphate free purifying shampoo/shower gel to deeply cleanse hair and body. Its
micellar formula cleanses thoroughly, eliminating all impurities restoring their original well-being. Natural surfactant of biodegradable origin.

• Specific actives:
– Aloe Vera. With moisturizing properties.
– Vitamin E. With anti-oxidant properties.
– 100% natural and biodegradable delicate surfactant

Ideal for frequent use.