Simply Zen Equilibrium scalp lotion vials 8 fial x 6ml each


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essential preventive lotion for all hair types

Nourish and strengthen the hair follicle and hair structure with a scalp balancing lotion. Its dermo-balancing, purifying and antibacterial properties offer effective preventative action against scalp disorders.

The equilibrium scalp lotion has 18 active ingredients. These include aloe, ferox , angelica, acorus , camphor, cardamom, multi-vitamin complex, curcuma root, eucalyptol, clove, menthol, chlorella vulgaris micro-seaweed, myrrh, nutmeg, black pepper, rice proteins, rosemary and ginger.

Massage the entire content of a vial evenly over a clean scalp. Proceed with styling without rinsing.

The Z-oneconcept equilibrium scalp lotion is available in packets of 8 vials x 6ml.