Elchim Hot Honey Care Concentrator

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A 3 in 1 system: Blowout, Styling and Haircare in one single pass

Hot honey care is a revolutionary treatment combined with Elchim hairdryers, transforming hair during drying and styling with an immediate result

Thanks to a hot vortech technology, hear and airflow of the hair dryer activate the natural principles of honey drying, styling and treating the hair in one quick step, strand by strand with perfect uniformity.

The unique concentrator developed for Elchim hair dryers and hot honey care pods are enough to guarantee the best results for all hair types: visibly healthier, beautiful, softer hair and therefore easier to style.

  • Wow Effect: visibly more beautiful and soft hair
  • Natural care. thanks to the nutritive and antibacterial principles of honey
  • Maximum efficacy: homogeneous and immediate distribution of treatment thanks to the hot honey care technology
  • Time saving: Dries and cares for your hair without rinsing
  • Easy styling: softer hair for an easier styling


  • Starter kit contains
  • 1 concentrator
  • 2 sublime liss pods smoothing treatment
  • 2 supreme glossy pods anti-Frizz treatment


Please note this concentrator is only compatible with Elchim 3900 hair dryers