Depot No 310 Curl Designer 150ml


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Modelling cream for curly hair.

Tames curls,giving shape and control to curls with medium,flexible Hold. Gives Shine to hair,eliminating frizz and helping to maintain the created shape.


Antistatic fixative polymers,form a thin film over the hair,which helps to give Hold,the shaping effect and the flexibility needed to maintain the shape
A botanical complex,a blend of 9 plant extracts with multiple benefits for the hair fibre
Black tea leaf extract,a natural humectant and antioxidant
Aloe vera juice,restorative,soothing,regenerating
Glycerin,humectant,it supports the hydration level of the hair,keeping it soft,supple and manageable
UV Filter,protects hair from the lightening and dehydrating effect of UV ray