Ceriotti sterilizer gx4 blue


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GX4. Professional germicidal-lamp sterilizing unit, with an innovative design, for all tools that cannot be sterilized at high temperatures. Luminous general switch and door opening safety switch.


Featuring high quality  UV-C lamps , GX4 is particularly useful for its shape and the large lid that allows ease of access to the tools. The safety switch integrated automatically turns the UV lamp off when opening the device, to protect you and your customers.
Invest in the quality of your salon and in the safety of your workers and of your customers: choose the original!

Where heat sterilization is a fundamental procedure for metal tools, what happens with everything that can’t be heated up? Combs, brushes, rolls they all require to be sanitized after every use. And what about tools that have been sterilized already? If you leave them in a “non-sterile” place all germs and bacterias will start reproducing again. This is where UV-C sterilization comes in handy. Using short-wavelenght ultraviolet (for simplicity, UV-C) light, a UV-C sterilizer kills microorganisms and should therefore be used to sanitize tools that can’t be exposed to high temperature and to store those (like metal tools) that have already been sterilized in a different device, to preserve their “safety”. There are hundreds of UV-C sterilizer in the market, so which one should you buy?
In recent years, the market became overcrowded of cheap and low quality products, frequently lacking the specifications to correctly operate
The first element to determine the final price of a UV-C sterilizer is the “lamp” itself: a lot of imitations provide fake lamps which are unable to generate the right wave-lenght and lack of safety measures that could make the device dangerous for your own health.
As of today, this can’t be tolerated anymore.

Great sterilizer for barbers and hair salons