Babyliss Pro Spray FX 4 in 1 FX040290E


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BaByliss PRO FX040290E 4-in-1 Spray is a professional spray with a disinfectant, cooling, cleaning effect, is an excellent solution for lubricating knives, clippers, trimmers and scissors. Reduces friction and heat during the cutting process, which extends the life of the cutting surfaces. The spray is great for tool care, as it cleans the tools from dirt and has disinfectant properties. It does not slow down the knives and does not evaporate after application, remaining on the knives. A universal spray for professional use that will solve 4 problems that arise daily for hairdressers, barbers and groomers around the world.

Using BaByliss PRO spray is very easy. To do this, remove the remnants of hair with a brush, disconnect the tool from the mains and spray the product on the knives at a distance of 10-25 cm. For deeper cleaning, it is necessary to remove the knives or knife block, carefully remove dirt and spray the spray abundantly on the cutting surfaces. Then start the machine to evenly distribute the product. Excess funds are removed with a napkin. It is recommended to apply BaByliss PRO FX040290E 4 in 1 spray before using the knife block for the first time.

• Volume 150 ml
• Release form – spray
• 4-in-1 formula: disinfects, cools, lubricates and cleans knives
• Suitable for clippers, trimmers, shavers and scissors