Babyliss Pro Rose FX Trimmer FX788ORGE


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Professional hair and beard trimmer


Complete your arsenal with a new luxury movement with a stylish design, perfect balance for easy handling and exquisite performance. The powerful Babyliss Pro Artists RoseFX FX7880RGE rechargeable professional trimmer has been designed for maximum and professional use. The massive all-metal massive construction has an anti-slip handle, allowing perfect control when trimming hair and beard. The digital motor offers high torque, extremely low vibration, less noise and lower weight for top handling and long-lasting performance. Two interchangeable blades made of Japanese steel excel in their precision in cutting.

The elegant Babyliss Pro Artists RoseFX FX7880RGE movement was designed in collaboration with Ferrari in a unique pink-silver design in a beautiful tin box.

Blades made of Japanese steel: Two interchangeable blades made of Japanese steel “U” 30 mm and “T” 40 mm provide excellent accuracy and control of the cut. Precision-machined blades with an extremely sharp cutting angle.

Digital engine: It exhibits extremely low vibration, lower weight, consumes less energy, has a longer lifespan and produces less noise. The perfect balance for superior handling and for long-lasting performance and speed.

Unique features:

  • Powerful professional trimmer,
  • designed in collaboration with Ferrari,
  • elegant pink-silver design,
  • all-metal construction with non-slip handle,
  • extremely low vibration and noise,
  • provides excellent shearing accuracy,
  • Lower weight makes handling easier.

Technical parameters:

  • Digital motor,
  • 6300 movements/min.,
  • universal voltage,
  • two interchangeable blades “U” 30 mm and “T” 40 mm,
  • two ridge extensions 6 mm and 10 mm,
  • charging stand,
  • lithium battery/2 hours of operation,
  • charging time 3 hours,
  • LED battery status indicator,
  • Wired or cordless use.