Babyliss Instant Heat Mixed Rollers x 20 bab3021E


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Set of 20 professional rollers

Velvet coating

3 different sizes and colours:
– 8 large/6 medium/6 small pieces
– 20 metal hair clips in 3 different sizes and colours
– 20 “butterfly” clips

Heat ready dot on one roller

400 W

How to use the rollers ?

1. Place the appliance on a level, heat-proof surface. Do not open the lid.

2. Switch on the appliance. One roller has a red ‘ready dot’. When it turns white (after only 5 minutes), all the rollers are at the correct temperature.

3. Comb your hair and take a section the width of a roller. Hold this at a right angle to your head and pull the roller along to the end of the hair like a comb.

4. Wind the end of the hair around the roller, holding the hair taut and keeping the roller at right angles to the scalp to ensure even curls. 5. Fix the roller with a butterfly clamp, as close to the head as possible.

6. Use the other rollers in the same way- the smaller ones for tighter curls and the larger for looser, bouncy curls.

7. You can determine the ‘bounce’ of the curls yourself- the shorter the time the roller stays in the hair, the looser the curl, the longer the time the tighter the curl. The rollers stay warm for approximately 15 minutes. If hair curls easily, it only takes a few minutes; Thicker, more difficult to curl hair can take 10 minutes or longer for the curl to set.

8. Switch off when all rollers have been used.

9. Carefully remove the rollers from your hair and allow the curl to spring back and cool for a few minutes.

10. After your hair has cooled down, comb or brush into the desired shape

How to clean the rollers?

  • The rollers can be easily cleaned by soaking them in warm soapy water for a few moments. Rinse in clear water, then shake briefly and dry. Allow the rollers to dry for 1 to 2 hours before using again.
  • Never submerge the appliance in ENGLISH 5 water. To remove hair etc. unplug and use a slightly damp cloth and then leave the appliance to dry for a few hours.
  • Always store the appliance with the lid on to protect it from dust. After use, the cord can be wrapped around the base for easy storage.