Babyliss Boost+ Gold outline Trimmer fx7870GBPE


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The Babyliss Boost+ Gold SkeletonFX Trimmer is a precision tool designed for hair care professionals and enthusiasts seeking exceptional performance. Its distinctive feature is the fully exposed T-blade, which provides full 360° visibility and is essential for detailed, precise hair work.

This clipper is equipped with precision-machined DLC blades, ensuring a smooth, precise cut with low friction. The 40mm T-blade offers adjustable zero clearance, allowing for versatility in cutting styles and fine tuning for perfect results.

The powerful lithium-ion battery is a standout feature of the Boost+ Gold SkeletonFX. Offers up to 180 minutes of continuous operation with a 4-hour quick charge, delivering sustained power and speed even at lower charge levels. This ensures that the trimmer is ready to use at all times and is ideal for longer trimming sessions.

The brushless high-torque motor is durable and provides consistent blade speed, ensuring an efficient and even cut even on longer, thicker hair. The all-metal housing is robust and ensures a long life of the trimmer, making it a long-lasting investment.

The ergonomic design of the Boost+ Gold SkeletonFX is also reflected in its handle covered with a new diamond rubber. This provides greater comfort and control during use, which is essential for achieving precise and consistent cuts.

The package includes useful accessories such as a cleaning brush and maintenance oil, making it easy to care for and maintain your trimmer for optimum performance over time. Additionally, a charging cable is provided to keep the battery ready for use at all times.