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Milk_shake argan is a line of products suitable for every hair type, normal, dry, tired and dull, because it strengthens and hydrates the hair, nourishes the hair fibres.

Milk_shake argan takes care of your hair, thanks to the attention we pay to the product’s ingredients.



> Argan oil is a natural oil obtained from the core the seed of a tree that grows in Morocco, Argania Spinosa, the oil is MS-Argan-oil-50mlextracted through a natural process of cold pressing.

   It is natural oil used both in the food and cosmetic fields.

> Argan oil has a high content of fatty acids with nourishing and repairing properties for skin and hair. It has a strong anti-aging action and naturally protects from sun rays.

> It is a wonderful natural product, which makes the hair beautiful right from the first application

> thanks to it’s unique formula with Argan oil, it conditions, nourishes the hair immediately and gives it a healty look and a soft, voluminous and incredibly bright effect.

use: apply a few drops on your palms and distribute on the hair before and after styling.

argan shampoo

> delicate surfactants (sulphates and sodium chloride free), which have a gentle and natural cleansing action on        scalp and hair, and preserve color integrity.MS-Argan-shampoo-300ml

> Organic argan oil, which, thanks to its nourishing, repairing, anti-age and protective properties, helps maintain soft and shiny hair.

> Conditioning agents, which hydrate and give remarkable softness, eliminating frizzy effect and static electricity.

> Silk rice and soya proteins, which, acting both in the internal and external part of the hair, strengthen and protect its structure, clearly improving the condition of damaged hair.

Suggestions of use: distribute on wet hair and massage. Rinse. Repeat if necessary. 

Argan Deep Treatment.

> Quaternized wheat proteins, which deeply and instantly  restructure the hair from both the inside and the outside,  eliminating the frizzy effect. They enhance resistance to chemical treatments, improve comb-ability and give brightness and softness.MS-argan-deep-treatment-200ml

> Organic argan oil, which, thanks to its nourishing, repairing, anti-age and protective properties, helps maintain soft and shiny hair.

> Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), which hydrates, conditions and helps reducing split ends.

> Vitamin E with anti-oxidant and protective action.

Suggestions of use: distribute on clean hair and massage.

Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes, comb and rinse .