Alfaparf Smoothing Mask 200 ml

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Alfaparf Smoothing Conditioner 200ml


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Straightening conditioner for rebel hair. Intensive detangling treatment that gives control and protects against frizz, for soft and hydrated hair.  Suitable for frequent use.

  • Urban defense pro. Its macromolecular structure protects the hair fiber from pollutants and heavy metals by carrying out a film forming action.
  • Shine fix complex: Gradual release of active ingredient for extraordinary long lasting shine.
  • Color fix complex: UV filter and antioxidant. A high performing formula for protection of cosmetic color. Hair color is radiant and intense for longer and helps to reduce the loss of color intensity
  • Climate proof: The active ingredient that can maintain the perfect level of hydration and protect the hair from varying climate conditions, based on humidity and temperature
  • Frizz defeat protein:  A plant derived active ingredient with film forming action s, it protects and repairs frizzy hair leaving it soft and tamed.
  • Bio based fragrance. The fragrance with flowery notes is naturally derived and obtained from renewable sources.
  • Free from parabens  and mineral oils.
  • Sulfate free.

Application: After shampooing apply small ball of product on lengths and ends. leave on the hair for 5 mins. Massage and rinse thoroughly. can be mixed with pigments