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Choose a brand of hair treatment that cares about more than reconditioning your hair. Different brands offer different benefits to your hair aside from their basic function. Some products care about using natural ingredients, thereby eliminating various unnecessary chemicals. Others include specialist procedures that offer intensive deep treatment for the condition and beauty of your hair. Find the hair treatment that fulfills your personal needs and those of your hair salon.

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milk shake hair treatments

Find your complete solution to hair care in milk shake’s vast range of quality products that contain milk and fruit to enhance the natural beauty of hair. Choose hair repair that helps you enjoy healthy, vibrant and shiny hair. Using the power of natural ingredients like milk proteins, honey, Argan Oil and Muru Muru butter, milk shake hair treatments act upon the hair’s internal structure to re-hydrate, replenish and repair hair inside out.

no inhibition age renew hair treatment

Choose no inhibition age renew hair treatment for beautiful hair that spells elegance and sophistication. Do not allow your hair to be weighed down by age, stress and chemical treatments. Enjoy healthy long and shiny hair thanks to the cutting edge scientific innovation of concept laboratories and the use of nourishing natural ingredients.

simply zen oxyzen oxygen hair care treatments

Experience an approach to hair care in perfect harmony with the senses and your complete well being with simply zen hair treatments. Treat yourself to well-deserved self care that offers the luxury and rejuvenation you would expect from a spa treatment. The oxyzen range goes a step further in offering oxygenation of the scalp for increased circulation and effectiveness of simply zen treatments. Treat scalp ailments and restore scalp and hair health with an oxyzen ritual at your hair salon.

keratin therapy – a keratin treatment for long lasting smooth and manageable hair

Gain perfectly smooth, deep conditioned hair that is easily manageable for three whole months with a single alfaparf lisse design keratin therapy keratin treatment at your hair salon. Thirty years of experience have gone into formulating a 100% safe, versatile and high performance keratin treatment that is both revolutionary and progressive. Yes, with each application, the results are more effective, more evident and longer lasting. The smoothing treatment with keratin is suitable for all hair types.

STOCK hair treatment brands distributed in Malta by Cortex Ltd

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