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Comb your hair with your fingers, if you can, to avoid pulling your hair, stressing it or breaking it with a brush. We lose about 100 hairs a day so if you notice strands of hair falling out do not panic. If it comes off in clumps or you can visibly see your scalp, check with a doctor as there are several possible reasons for hair loss, such as hormone changes, through aging or it may be hereditary. Discover hair loss treatments that fulfill your personal needs and those of your hair salon.

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simply zen anti hair loss

Curb hair loss naturally with a simply zen stimulating intensive treatment. Hair loss is a problem that touches 40% of women and 70% of men. It is provoked by a slowing down of hair renewal and re-growth, causing an undesired general or acute sparse distribution of hair. Today, it is possible to counteract hair loss thanks to a program which consists of intensive stimulation of the follicle bulb to be repeated at each changing season. concept™ with simply zen offers a specific and efficacious treatment against hair loss.

oxyzen oxygen hair care treatments

Treat yourself to well-deserved self care that offers the luxury and rejuvenation you would expect from a spa treatment. The oxyzen range goes a step further in offering oxygenation of the scalp for increased circulation and effectivity of simply zen treatments. Treat scalp ailments and restore scalp and hair health with an oxyzen ritual at your hair salon.

cover hair fibres hair loss concealer

Choose an effective and easy to use hair loss concealer. Cover Hair Fibres is ideal for men and women to disguise hair thinning and cover up hair loss. Maintain your pride and do not allow hair loss to bring you down. Now you can deal with hair loss quite simply with cover hair fibres, a hair loss concealer that provides the ideal solution.

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